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ACT/SAT Tutoring

We specialize in individualized ACT/SAT preparation.   
You can expect a customized tutoring plan for your child based on proven test-taking strategies, even when other programs don't perform. Every plan is tailored to the student's test-taking strengths and weaknesses.

Park Ridge Tutoring's Impact:

  • Students average a five-point improvement in ACT composite scores.
  • Students typically score in the top fifth on the optional written essay portion.

College Essay Preparation

Preparing college essays is challenging and stressful. We take the worry out of the process by helping students convey their strengths and enhance their application.  

We work with your student every step of the way, from conceiving a great idea to editing the final product! The essay helps the college get to know the student.

The essay is an opportunity to: 

  • Talk about a personal experience that made a great impact.
  • Demonstrate a command of the language.
  • Showcase your student's voice.
  • Convey a sense of humor.
  • Share a passion for a cause or an ideal.
  • Make an important point that wasn't asked in the application.

The essay can be serious, playful, or even outrageous.

This is your student's opportunity to show his or her individuality.

Academic Tutoring

We help with homework, quizzes, tests, and AP & SAT subject tests across all academic subjects.

We have experience with the math curriculum of local schools.

  • Algebra I and II, including accelerated courses
  • Geometry and trigonometry, including AGT 
  • Pre-calculus, accelerated math analysis, and calculus
  • Probability and statistics, including AP stats

We can also help with other academic subjects.

  • Physics, including AP
  • Economics, including AP
  • Teacher certification exams
  • Essay composition and editing

Other Standardized Entrance Exams

Exams have internal rhythms that can be mastered.

We tutor the GRE, GMAT, Illinois TAP, and more. Even students who do not see themselves as natural test takers can succeed. 

The College Search

Park Ridge Tutoring has the experience and knowledge to keep you from getting overwhelmed by your college search.

Learn more about the impact we can have on your college search here.

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