Our Approach

Our approach to tutoring is to work on content and process. We have a variety of strategies, techniques, and tricks that help students learn and take tests.

Not all people learn and perform the same way.  Our techniques help students work around their usual sticking points and find new ways to master academic subjects. 

Academic Tutoring

Our philosophy is to work on skills while working on homework. Our task is to jointly figure out and apply strategies, tactics, and tricks that help the student learn the material AND express that learning on quizzes and tests. We jointly assess mistakes on homework, quizzes, and tests. Over time, several patterns will be uncovered by the student. We employ a consultative approach--listening to and learning from the student and parents about the student’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. Discovering “what works” is a joint project.

A Word on Math Tutoring

Math is a very abstract subject that requires the interaction of many of the brain’s processing functions. One the major objectives of clinical tutoring is to understand the differences in how a student learns compared to how a student retrieves what was learned. Just about all math problems can be solved in a variety of ways--the trick is to figure out the best way for the student. In other words, the student's understanding of math concepts and facts can improve by looking at a problem from different perspectives.