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Are you frustrated with your child's progress in math? 

We work with students who really struggle with math.   

We have great experience with Maine High Schools' math curriculum: 
 •   Algebra I and II, including accelerated courses
 •   Geometry and trigonometry, including AGT
 •   Pre-calculus, accelerated math analysis, and calculus
 •   Probability and statistics, including AP stats

One of the frustrations many parents deal with is that their child is learning the math material but cannot translate that learning into good test results.

Helping students address poor math scores, the teacher will usually recommend regular and diligent homework and encourage students to “struggle and figure out the right answers.” This is often good advice, but does not work for all high schoolers.

Typical Roadblocks

The issue could be what experts refer to as “information retrieval,” which is the ability to quickly summon math facts. This can range from recalling the multiplication table to calculating an imaginary number to remembering rules for sines and cosines.

Another issue is the ability to relate math concepts to problem-solving steps. For some students, fractions are difficult. For others, substituting variables is tough to comprehend. Still others cannot see the relationships between logarithms and exponents.

Bottom line: math is a very abstract subject that requires the interaction of many of the brain’s processing functions. One the major objectives of clinical tutoring is to understand the differences in how a student learns compared to how a student retrieves what was learned. Just about all math problems can be solved in a variety of ways-the trick is to figure out the best way for the student. In other words, the student's understanding of math concepts and facts can improve by looking at a problem from different perspectives.

Here is what clients tell us:

You succeeded where the Math Lab failed. 

You explained everything so well and I now feel I will have control of this class.

It is amazing how much progress my son has made!
We successfully help students who struggle in math.
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