Park Ridge Tutoring
Math and Standardized Test Tutors

Are you frustrated with your child’s grades?
Are you concerned about your child’s standardized test performance?

Are you stuck in math? Do you need to refresh your skills?

Are you worried about your college essay?

Park Ridge Tutoring specializes in helping high school students and young adults overcome challenging situations:

  • Consistent Ds and Fs in math, science or foreign language
  • ACT/PLAN scores of 17 or 19
  • Just don’t get statistics… or geometry… or physics
  • Can't get moving on the college application process
Something must have kicked in! Thanks for all your help this year.
We should have called you sooner!

   – parent of a high school junior
 We apply the concepts of Clinical Tutoring. Not all people learn and perform the same way.  Our techniques help students work around their usual sticking points and find new ways to master academic subjects.

Clinical Tutoring works for standardized testing, too. PSAT, ACT, SAT, Illinois TAP, Praxis, GRE,  GMAT – all these exams have internal rhythms that can be mastered. Even students who do not see themselves as natural test takers can succeed.
 Don’t work on homework, work on skills!   Our approach is to work on content and process. We have a variety of strategies, techniques, and tricks that help students learn and take tests.

We work together to find the best solution for our students.

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