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Academic Tutoring

 We offer help in all academic subjects.
  • Physics AP
  • Computer Science AP
  • Marketing and Business
  • Regular classes, as well as remedial and AP
  • Help with homework, quizzes and tests, AP and SAT subject tests

Our Approaches are Tailored to Your Child

Our philosophy is to work on skills while working on homework. Our task is to jointly figure out and apply strategies, tactics, and tricks that help the student learn the material AND express that learning on quizzes and tests.

Here are some examples:

  • Error analysis – we jointly assess mistakes on homework, quizzes, and tests. Over time, several patterns will be uncovered by the student, which will increase acceptance of issue areas.
  • Five Whys - adapted from manufacturing, dig into "routine" errors to find root causes.
  • My Personal Potential Pitfalls – a technique to help the student watch for errors.

We employ a consultative approach – listening to and learning from the student and parents about the student’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. Discovering “what works” is a joint project.

Here is what parents and students have to say:

 Overall, this was the best grading period for him. Something must have kicked in!            Thanks for all your help this year. We should have called you sooner!

-            Mother of a high school junior

[My son] did really well on his final.  Thank you very much for your help. It worked         out very well.

-             Mother of a high school senior

We develop a strategy that works for your child
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