Park Ridge Tutoring
Math and Standardized Test Tutors
Concerned your child won’t get into a good college? 

We specialize in individualized ACT/SAT preparation.   

You can expect a customized tutoring plan for your child based on proven test-taking strategies, even when other programs don't perform.
  • Students average a five-point improvement in ACT composite scores.
  • They usually score in the top fifth on the optional written Essay portion.
  • Every plan is tailored to the student's test-taking weaknesses ... and strengths.

Here is what clients tell us:

My husband & I were pleased with [our son’s] results, especially reading &  writing, which are tied to his learning disability.

You not only helped me improve my weaknesses but I learned all the tricks  to the ACT.

Your work with him was very beneficial. On the test he took at school, he scored a 25. After studying and working with you, he scored a 30 and has an ACT Super Score of 31.

We successfully help students who struggle with standardized tests.
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